Data engineer recruiter

What I can do for you

My way of working

  • know what you're talking about
  • always keeping you in the loop
  • gets you contracts that make you happy

What I have to offer

  • getting your CV to stand out and convince
  • prepare and practice interviews
  • a higher rate for you

Long term

  • advice when in difficult situations at your employer
  • growing to senior positions
  • finding (even) more joy in your work


I offer two options: 'recruitment' and 'recruitment + training'
  • Recruitment

    No cost
    (employer pays for the recruitment process)

  • Recruitment + training

    The recruitment itself is free
    for the training you can pick one or more modules:

    1. Becoming a freelancer
    2. Do better in (technical) interviews
    3. Career planning and coaching
    Each module costs €165
    (as a freelancer you can deduct these costs, you pay about half after taxes)

Finding a contract

What to expect

From introduction to contract

The process

  1. After the initial introduction we'll dig a bit deeper into your technical skills and what kind of company would be a good fit for you
  2. Through my network I know who's hiring and I can introduce you at companies that are a good fit for you
  3. When there's a match and you start your contract, I'll of course keep in touch with you and will be ready to answer any questions

Frequently asked questions

and the answers

  • How much will I make?
    Of course this depends on your experience, the company that you will work for, and the type of job.
    You can expect an hourly rate between €60 and €125 (ex VAT), which sums up to €10.000 - €21.500 per month gross.
  • How long will it take to find a contract?
    This depends on your profile and the type of contract you're looking for. In most cases you can start interviewing within a couple of weeks and start the job within 2-6 weeks.
  • Why do I need a recruiter?
    If you have a good network it's absolutely possible to get contracts by yourself.
    My job is to make it as easy as possible for you to find interesting new contracts.
    In addition, it's in your and my best interest that employers are convinced about your skills, so I will do my utmost to get those to show!
  • I've got another question..
    Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll answer your question as soon as possible!

About me

Who am I

Jorma de Ronde

Jorma de Ronde

Visit my LinkedIn

MSc artificial intelligence, MSc and PhD bioinformatics
(sort of data engineering on clinical data)

Afterwards worked as a freelance data engineer at, amongst others, WeTransfer and VodafoneZiggo


Getting to know eachother

For a coffee or an introduction you can reach me at:

06 - 450 434 62

or by using the form below