Data engineer recruiter

What I can do for you

My way of working

  • understand what you're looking for
  • gets you candidates that match your requirements

What I have to offer

  • find good candidates
  • report on technical skills of candidates (technical interview)
  • good rates

Long term

  • also for long running jobs
  • also for getting a new data engineering team together

Finding candidates

What you can expect

From introduction to contract

The process

  1. After the initial introduction we'll dig a bit deeper into your requirements and what kind of candidate would be a good fit for you
  2. Through my network I know who's open for a new assignment and who's up to the task
  3. When there's a match and the candidate starts working for you, I'll of course keep in touch and make sure everything is going smoothly

About me

Who am I

Jorma de Ronde

Jorma de Ronde

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MSc artificial intelligence, MSc and PhD bioinformatics
(sort of data engineering on clinical data)

Afterwards worked as a freelance data engineer at, amongst others, WeTransfer and VodafoneZiggo


Getting to know eachother

For a coffee or an introduction you can reach me at:

06 - 450 434 62

or by using the form below